Text Editor Fun

Currently installing the Textmate 2.0 public alpha that’s up on Macromate’s blog here:

I’ll have to update after a bit of use with some comments.


For the past several months I’ve been using the Sublime Text 2 beta instead of Textmate. When at the office I’m always in dual-screen mode with a 24″ LCD and my Macbook so the Emacs-style window splitting comes in really handy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the speed of all the various search features as well.


A new blog

Just getting into learning Scala and Lift so I figured I’d clean out my old blog and get a fresh start to talk about programming.  I’m definitely planning on putting some Jruby content on here as well since I’m currently employed as a developer on a scientific analysis app that’s written in JRuby and Java.  If anything I’ll end up writing some really short posts about Jruby stuff to use as reference for myself.